Court  & Ticket Information

Court is held in Beggs on the 1st and 3rd Thursday's of every month at 4pm with the exception on holidays.

Tickets can ONLY be paid in the office Mon-Fri
8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Forms of payment excepted are Cashiers Check, Money Order, Personal Check, and Cash.

Animal Control

Stray animals around town can be a hazard to both you and other pets.
There are many caring individuals who, upon finding a stray animal may attempt to bring it home. This is not a wise decision, especially if the individual already has animals at home. A stray animal can carry a wide variety of infections that will easily be passed along to other pets in the household.  Stray animals can carry rabies, and most cases of humans contracting rabies come from the bite of a dog. Salmonellosis is another disease carried by strays which can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. Bartonellosis, otherwise known as “cat scratch fever” is usually passed along through the scratch of a cat but can be carried by dogs as well. Those animals need to be picked up.

If you know of a stray dog, cat or other animal, please call 918-267-4935.

Emma Hill
Court Clerk &
Dept. Communications Supervisor

Bobby Tollette
Police Chief

Chief Bobby Tollette has worked most of his adult life in emergency services. Bobby served as a Tactical Medic on the Tulsa Police Department's Special Operations Team from 1999 to 2009,  a Tulsa reserve police officer in 2002, then in 2009 became a fulltime office. He came to work for the city of Beggs, during the summer of 2013, as a patrol officer. Returning in February 2014 to become the Assistant Chief and then Acting Chief. In September 2014 he took the position of Beggs Police Chief.

Meet our Officers

Call Today: 918-267-4935

Malcolm H. Branch
Judge, Beggs Municipal  Court

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See something report something!
Crime Stoppers provides a safe way to report—and you never have to give your name.

Emma has been with the City of Beggs for over 30 years. Emma is both the City's Court Clerk, as well as the Communications Supervisor and jail administrator .

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