Town of  Beggs

City of Beggs Attorney
Mr. William E. Gaddis 

City Clerk Doris "Dee" Tharp

Ms. Tharp was appointed City Clerk September 13, 2013 to fill an unexpired term and then elected for that post  in 2015. As an Officer of the City Government, Ms. Tharp is the Clerk of the City Council and custodian of the City Seal and all records, documents, ordinances and archives

Meet Your City Government

City Treasurer Emma Hill

Emma has been with the City of Beggs for over 30 years. Emma holds many positions with in the city, she is both the City Treasurer, and City's Court Clerk, as well as the Communications Supervisor and jail administrator .

General Information:

Mayor Kathryn Bell

Mrs. Bell was elected August, 2014 to fill an unexpired term as Mayor. As Mayor, she is the Chief Executive Officer of the Administrative Branch of City Government.

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  • Address Information
    City of Beggs
    108 N. Broadway (Physical)
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    Beggs, OK  74421

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